3D for flash

Posted on: September 4, 2011Author: Rob

Flash 11 will include a brand new 3D API called Stage3D. Using this API developers can finally create hardware accelerated 3D graphics using Actionscript. Various flash game engines already added support based on the early betas and the results have been very impressive. However, none have been as impressive as the shadowgun demo I recently encountered.

Shadowgun is being created using Unity. Unity is a cross-platform engine which allows you to target various platform at the same time, while developing in a single environment. After you’ve created your game, you simply export to iOS, Android or desktop (Windows/OSX). Soon, though, they’ll add support for flash 11. This opens up a whole new world for game developers, because all games will be easily portable to flash and thus instantly available in pretty much any browser.

It will be interesting to see how flash will develop further, but Stage3D paves the road for a full fledged gaming experience beyond anything we’ve seen so far.

Check out the demo, seriously!