The fotomoment art project

Posted on: July 25, 2011Author: Rob

Two-Legs recently finished an art project called Fotomoment. This project was envisioned by Sanne Rovers and Two-Legs became the technical implementation partner for the project. Because the project was art related and our government is currently very heavily cutting back on art funding, a large Dutch newspaper ( featured a 3 page article on the project. Mum was proud :).

Fotomoment article

Fotomoment explained

Fotomoment is a photobooth with a twist. When a visitor enters the booth, he/she has to push a button to start a countdown, after which four pictures are taken. During countdown, though, the visitor is secretly filmed as well. After the pictures have been taken, a random video is shown of another person who used the booth, before showing the pictures to the visitor. Afterwards the visitor can choose to keep or delete his/her video and images. Videos and images kept become available online with various (social) media sharing options present.

Two-Legs created both the recording software and the website. Since we wanted to record video with a resolution of 720p and budget was slim, flash couldn’t be used. Therefore, we opted for Directshow instead. After dusting off my C++ skills and wading through mountains of confusing documentation, the recording software was finished.

The software records video using a Logitech C910 webcam, converts the recorded video to h.264 encoded flash video files (flv) and stores the snapped pictures as jpeg images ready for inclusion on the website. The recorded videos and images can easily be mass transferred to the website using FTP, upon which all media will be automatically added to the website.

It has been a bumpy ride, but the project was a great success at its first festival: Oerol 2011. At the festival hundreds of people entered the booth, resulting a great set of videos and images. Just take a look at this sample video.